CHEX Newswatch at 5:30 Features CSE in Peterborough

July 13, 2011  |  Latest News

CHEX Newswatch at 5:30 Features Centre for Skating excellence in Peterborugh

Michelle Ferreri tries out the Skating Treadmill at CSE

Peterborugh, Ontario – July 13, 2011. Michelle Ferreri highlights the Centre for Skating Excellence on Newswatch at 5:30 today.  Watch the show to see Michelle give the treadmill a try.  CSE is dedicated to providing skating skill development using the latest skating treadmill technology. The Centre for Skating Excellence (CSE) opened its second Ontario location in Peterborough at  488 The Parkway, right across from Costco in August 2010. The first CSE location opened in north Oshawa in August 2009.

The Centre for Skating Excellence offers local instructors the opportunity to extend their own skating skill development programs beyond local ice rinks in the area. The CSE facility provides a variety of programs from “learn to skate” for beginners, through to elite skating and professional skill development. CSE provides a safe place for all ages and abilities, including adults interested in learning to skate or improving their skating skills before venturing to the local ice rink.

“In offering this facility CSE intends to become a central off ice “hub” for developing this most important skill. Skating is fundamental to improving performance in ice sports or as a means to safely enjoy recreational skating or adult hockey. We are developing a limited number of key partnerships that we hope will position CSE as the most specialized skating development center in the area” said CSE owner Dick Ott. “We feel our latest location gives excellent access from all points in Peterborough as well as the many surrounding communities. The success of our first center in Oshawa and the feedback we’ve had about the effectiveness of our off ice skating skill training gives us confidence that we will provide positive and lasting impact with our services here in Peterborough.”

The Center for Skating Excellence enjoys a significant partnership with Scary Skate, considered one of Ontario’s foremost skating development organizations. “Partnering with Mary Giacalone and Scary Skate confirms the priority we at CSE give to the instruction component of our service. In addition to the most advanced skating treadmill currently available, the CSE uses Scary Skate instructors that are committed to the highest level of excellence and the most advanced methods for specialized skating development” confirmed Mr Ott. “The Scary Skate team, know the Peterborough market well from providing the on ice instruction to many of the area associations and their teams already”.

Scary Skate President Mary Giacalone commented “The Center for Skating Excellence is Scary Skate’s exclusive off ice skating development center both in Oshawa and now in Peterborough. Top of the line skating treadmill and analysis equipment provides a tremendous possibility for our clients; professional, junior, college level players, individual minor hockey players, or entire minor hockey associations. On this excellent tool we individually program basic mechanics, develop stride length, frequency, and co-ordination, and help rehabilitate from injury. Using the CSE facility augments strength programs athletes are following. The repetition supports proper muscle development in the lower body. This is the new frontier in skating skill development and Scary Skate is pleased to be associated with the CSE team”.

CSE (Peterborugh) is now booking times at 1-877-428-5257.  Please check the CSE website at for more information. The CSE bookings center can also be reached through the Scary Skate website at

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